Mitu Nohand Massage Bangkok

Mitu Nohand massage parlor focuses on high quality of plays and services that your wife or girlfriend would never do for you.

How do nohand ladies give pleasure to customers?

Whenever having a seat, smoking, drinking tea or taking his clothes off, a charming lady is dedicated to support the customer through a range of basic plays including nude kissing, intimate mutual body washing, catbath, starfish kissing…

Nohand Massage is available every day from 10am to 10pm. See nohand ladies pictures here.


It varies with the different categories & length chosen:

Type 70 min 90min 2 ladies 90min
Regular 3,000 3,300 6,600 Baht
Gold 3,500 3,800 7,600 Baht
Platinum 4,000 4,300 8,600 Baht


As you can guess, the different classes categorize the charming therapists by level of prettiness.
TFD advises to select ladies from the gold or platinum classes, since they are the best looking ones, and have great skills. Contrary to most Thai massage parlors, the selection is performed via iPad, where unmodified/realistic pictures of girls are provided.

Regular and V.I.P rooms are available, with the latter costing an extra 1,000 Baht.
V.I.P rooms are highly recommended if you pick a soapy massage, since these are accurate replicas of the rooms from Tokyo’s legendary soaplands.
Both types of rooms are large and clean. The VIP version is equipped with a queen-sized air mattress where soapy body-to-body massages are done.

TheFlyingDandy’s opinion
Is this place worth the premium on the price? It is indeed twice more expensive than most oily massage parlors in Bangkok…The answer is YES: this place doesn’t belong in the same category. The customer can expect an excellent overall experience, with ladies expert in hand & oral service, along with superior skills in body-to-body massage.


Another cheaper (THB 2000), shorter (50min) alternative is available at Mitu: the Japanese massage, also called the rookie massage. It is available on 1st floor, every day from 12pm to midnight. Last session starts at 11pm.

Check out the Japanese massage cast here.While still looking good, these ladies may not be as attractive and skilled as the women forming the nohand lineup.

East BKK | Sukhumvit
Sukhumvit Soi 33
Inside S33 Compact Hotel
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Daily: 10.00 am - Midnight